Amount  Available from$500-$10,000
Effective Interest Rate Ranges from 21.55-21.6111
Term or duration From 6 months-60 months 2
Monthly Payment See loan calculator for an estimate of the monthly payment depending on the term and amount.
Total amount to be paid by the consumer on consumer credit Costs can range-from $32.13-$6,899.36 depending on the amount, interest rate, and term or duration of the credit agreement.

1Cost of credit related to the interest rate depends on Island Finance’s credit parameters, and duration of the credit agreement.

2Amounts reflected on the loan calculator are estimates and as such are examples of what a customer will pay. However, monthly payment amount depend on Island Finance’s credit parameters, duration (term) of the credit agreement, and the resulting applicable interest rate which customer falls on. Applicant will be subject to a Credit Worthiness Test (CWT) established under law and regulation to be able to be approved for a loan. For more information about applicable costs, visit us to any of our branches.